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What your customers need and want. At any location. In every market.

If you want to know exactly how big you can be, how fast you can grow and what your very best customers want, eSite Analytics is for you. Our expert analysts turn location-based data into actionable, reliable insights for growing retailers, restaurants and grocers.


Identify your BEST customers: who they are, where they live and how they shop—both online and on-the-ground.


Leverage in-depth knowledge of your online and existing stores and customers to decide where to go next.


Use ongoing spatial insights to select better sites, attract more shoppers and market more effectively.

  • The ability to instantly react to questions, comments and thoughts with [eSite’s] quick, easy-to-see and understand tools is a beautiful thing. In fact, our compound annual growth rate since inception is still about 25 percent, which is just stunning.

  • eSite Analytics provides us with a missing piece of the puzzle. We’ve always known everything about where people live. BUT we have never known how they move, where they move and more importantly, where people live versus where they work.

  • We rely on eSite for both trade area analysis and forecasting models. We use the online tools to assess potential impact of a new restaurant’s trade area in an existing market or to simply evaluate consumer traffic patterns in untapped markets.  Additionally, we use eSite’s consulting services and custom reports to know how much business we can expect from a potential site.

  • The Container Store

    Valerie Richardson, V.P. of Real Estate
  • The Shopping Center Group

    Gregg Katz, Director of Innovation and Technology
  • Five Guys

    Jeff Rubino

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