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2015 Team-Building Recap: Retreat to the Future

“I’ve found the partnership we have with the entire [eSite Analytics] team to be awesome. They listen to our feedback, implement changes that benefit eSite Tools™ and really look to be partners instead of vendors.”

This is one of the dozens of testimonials we get each year from our fabulous clients/partners in location analytics and retail site selection. They are the inspiration for what we do every day and if we don’t constantly innovate and pioneer, we wouldn’t be staying true to our values.

That’s why the entire eSite Analytics team, from analysts to software engineers to sales reps, retreats each January to connect, collaborate and plan. The theme of this year’s company event was “retreat to the future.”

It was packed with important collaborations like this…

eSite Retreat: Collaborating

“It was great to see that everyone has a voice and a contribution to make, and that we all trusted each other to make decisions.”
—Scott Love, Chief Financial Officer

Team-building work including this…

eSite Analytics Retreat: Team Building

“My favorite part was watching Tom Blazer go blindfolded across the ropes course.”
—Jessica Silveri, Analyst

And a baby alligator:

eSite Analytics Retreat

“Enjoying the camaraderie in such a beautiful setting and getting to know each of my eSite friends in new ways was the best!”
—Pam Dole, Marketing Representative

Most importantly, eSite Analytics’ off-site, all-hands-on-deck exercises included lots of brainstorming and serious strategizing. For two days we discussed milestones, ideas, values and visions for the next phase of providing the best spatial analytics for our valued clients.

2014 was an exciting year, and we have even more in store for 2015. Stay tuned for news related to eSite Tools™ integrations, eSite Analytics innovations and important industry partnerships.


eSite Analytics2015 Team-Building Recap: Retreat to the Future