Discover Your Brand’s True Network Potential

How many locations can you open? eSite Analytics lets you know. (Really!)

Discover how extensively your retail footprint can grow—from market to market and coast to coast

Leverage a custom Ensemble Modeling™ approach to reveal which markets are prime for infill

Predict exactly what kind of store performance to expect from each optimized market

eSite analysts can profile an entire market and map out the perfect locations.

Tim McCreadie CutCo

Get a crystal ball view of how many stores you can successfully fit into any market across America.

eSite Analytics’ brand potential analysis will help determine exactly where there’s enough demand to support your concept—and then show you how to use those findings to prioritize growth strategies and evaluate options.

You’ll discover just how big your brand can be, all while reducing the risk of losing out on prime locations and growing both vigorously and profitably. If you’ve ever wished for a way to plan years in advance, this is the solution for you.

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