Build Your Brand with Location-Based Marketing

Turn dream customers into loyalists with location-based campaigns.

Leverage spatial analytics to know—really, accurately know—which of your target audiences are located in each and every one of your markets

Quickly pull from hundreds of household-level data points to correctly classify your customers and fuel marketing campaigns

Attract all the right leads and secure the very best brand advocates from one neighborhood to another, across all of America

eSite Analytics is forcing us to get smarter about how we invest our time and money into marketing our brand.

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Social media, cause marketing, local search…the success of these and other marketing strategies all rely on a well-defined target niche. And for retailers and restaurants, those niches can differ significantly from market to market. eSite Analytics’ address append and customer classification services remove the mystery of whom to target and how to reach them, no matter where your stores are located.

The process starts with the swipe of a card—gift, credit, debit, loyalty or other magnetic piece of plastic—to identify the customer, locate a home address and then “append” the individual to a highly detailed profile.

With each append you extract, your audience becomes more clearly defined. And the more you know about how your customers spend their time and money outside your store, the greater your chances of success will be with each customer-centered campaign.

The result is a tool that’s far more powerful than any customer persona or direct mail list: segmentations of shoppers whose patterns you can predict with a great deal of certainty. You’ll know precisely when to offer some serious swag to Singles and Starters, for example, or where school sponsorships will most appeal to Flourishing Families.

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