The 360° analytics tool for consumer brands

Better maps. Beautiful visualizations. Deeper insights.

eSite’s proprietary, Google Maps-based spatial analytics tools enhance what’s widely considered the most advanced GIS technology available today.

Unite Real Estate and Marketing

Get everyone on the same page with a complete understanding of your entire store network. Forecast earning potential by location and maximize marketing budgets with up-to-date lists.

  • Identify your best customers in each market
  • Rank potential locations based on concentrations of ideal customers
  • Build highly accurate lists for direct mail and mobile campaigns

See Shopping Habits at the Street Level

Use real traffic data to get street-level views of your best customers. TrailBlazer™ paints a comprehensive picture of not only where your customers live but also how they drive.

  • View any market to see who’s driving where and when—right down to the household level
  • Determine when geographic barriers such as bridges and medians will impact foot traffic
  • Learn how shopping patterns vary by season as well as days and hours

Get a 360-Degree View of the Entire Customer Experience

Connect outside-the-door site selections and database marketing to inside-the-door people, products and mobile messaging.

  • Maximize your merchandise mix
  • Accurately anticipate seasonal shifts
  • Measure impact from competitors and cotenants

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