Meet Our Team

Whether it’s selecting the most profitable sites or making each marketing dollar count, every decision that affects your business will have support from our senior leaders and spatial analysts. Meet them here.


Tom Blazer CEO

"We work with some of the smartest, richest, they-can-have-whatever-they-want-in-the-world types and they trust us to make decisions that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars over time."

Charles Wetzel President

Charles is helping to drive the future of eSite Analytics after spending nearly two decades in consulting and marketing analytics with the likes of Ernst & Young, Buxton and Group O.

Elizabeth Pennewill Executive Vice President

“Spatial analytics is a true collaborative process. It’s so exciting when a client follows our recommendations and then doubles IPO shares. ”

Scott Love, CPA Chief Financial Officer

A certified public accountant and member of the American Institute of CPAs, Scott works tirelessly to ensure eSite maximizes each and every client dime.

Marketing and Sales

Grant Irving Vice President, Sales

As an experienced analytics professional, Grant has helped clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 businesses use dynamic data to select better locations and improve marketing results.

Pete Bacigalupo Director of Client Services

Pete is an accomplished account leader and motivated communicator with experience consulting with key stakeholders at organizations in retail, restaurant, education, and healthcare space – helping them effectively implement and utilize spatial analytics solutions.

Emily Hughes Director of Marketing and Sales Enablement

From product creation to industry disruption, Emily works to develop eSite’s overarching data product strategy—while also forging individual product solutions to meet specific client needs.

Alex Guh Account Executive

A certified demographics and site selection expert with more than half a decade serving customers through analytics, Alex knows the power of data in making more informed decisions about complex real estate, marketing and operations issues.

Clay Butler Client Services

As a skilled business development professional, Clay evangelizes eSite’s ability to combine best-in-class data analytics and problem solving to provide actionable answers to our client’s complex business questions.

Kevin Thompson Healthcare Subject Matter Expert

Kevin is an accomplished strategic and client-centric leader with experience in finding value for Fortune 200 organizations, including the medical healthcare space. He understands what it takes to make complex data-driven decisions and to apply to the rapidly changing market dynamics facing the healthcare industry.

Dave Barrows Business Development Consultant

As a senior operations executive for 30+ years, Dave brings broad experience within retail and food service working for and with the world’s top brands. His unique experience will bring a true operator’s perspective to optimizing real estate market strategy, site selection and marketing strategies.

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