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eSP: eSite Platform

The eSite Platform: Predictive analytics to enable better targeting.

The eSite Platform (eSP) helps answer a wide spectrum of location-specific questions.  From understanding customer demographics to breaking down traffic data, eSite Analytics offers a continuum of services that help our clients to select the best locations and analyze how large their networks can grow.  Here’s how those services are organized. eSP includes three solutions

Jollibee: The Fast Food Chain America Needs Right Now

Jollibee may be the largest fast food chain that most Americans have never heard of.  After starting as an ice cream parlor in the Philippines in 1975, Jollibee has grown to more than 1,200 restaurants, mostly in Southeast Asia – and the parent company operates another 1,000 stores across other brands. Known for its Chickenjoy

eSite Analytics: A Company in Motion

A picture is worth a thousand words.  But according to a recent study, a video is worth 1.8 million words per minute.  With that in mind, we are preparing new videos to introduce eSite Analytics and our eSP platform. The first of our videos is available HERE.  Titled “A Company in Motion,” it tells the story

Why Restaurants Need to Get Real About Real Estate

CHOOSING A NEW LOCATION IN ANOTHER CITY OR ANOTHER STATE TAKES MUCH MORE THAN THE OLD ADAGE ‘LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.’ by Amanda Baltazar via The importance of site visits Buffalo Wings & Rings also relies on science, but takes a very hybrid approach when selecting new locations, says Philip Schram, chief development officer of the

Case Study: How INRIX and eSite Analytics partnered to shape the future of site selection leveraging mobility analytics

Today, dozens of entities license INRIX® data to power their analytics platforms for site selection, performance and management. Using INRIX data takes the guesswork out of finding the right location for business locations efficiently, affordably and accurately without the need to physically visit each candidate location or conduct expensive studies. But we didn’t do it alone. eSite Analytics® deserves special acknowledgement for the early adoption and ongoing collaboration with INRIX on the behalf of the entire site selection industry. It’s just one example of how INRIX is willing to partner with companies who share our view of the future and can apply mobility data in powerful, innovative new ways.

Trade Analysis and Store Location

Competing with Amazon. By Inches. eSite Redefines Trade Area Analysis

Trade area analysis has been traditionally encumbered by “pen, paper and spreadsheet” techniques that are woefully inadequate to the “Amazon Challenge.” The placement of retail stores must be precise or a business will lose precious customers that still shop offline. eSite Analytics allows businesses to locate stores with pinpoint accuracy while gaining critical insights into lifestyle demographics,

eSite Analytics Acquires

eSite Analytics is pleased to announce that it has acquired the web property from Alteryx. provides users with complementary demographic reporting. The single-use report provides demographic information around a 1,3,5-mile radius or any radii/drivetime of the user’s choosing.  Users can choose to view demographic information in the following report formats: Overview Comparison, Rank

Studio Movie Grill Uses Analytics, “Conscious Capitalism” to Select New Locations

Studio Movie Grill has grown dramatically by following an unconventional idea. Founder and Owner Brian Schultz calls it “conscious capitalism.” “Almost all the locations that we go to, there’s something that’s needed in the community,” Schultz said. “In some areas, it might be literacy, or other areas it might be employment or violence-oriented things. Our

Demographics Now eSite Alteryx

eSite Analytics Acquires DemographicsNow™, Demographics Applications from Alteryx

eSite Analytics has acquired the DemographicsNow web property and related licensed analytics platforms from Alteryx. DemographicsNow provides location-based data with unlimited reporting capabilities. The location-based data provides users with an understanding of the demographic and psychographic make-up of individual or multiple sites and surrounding areas. Additional DemographicsNow analytic solutions include the Geography Analysis Collection, Target

regression analysis

Regression Analysis. Good for Hairlines. Bad for Retail.

And now for a little bald-faced honesty. While it might still be useful as a tool for middle aged men studying the retreat of a once-promising hairline, regression analysis has outlived its usefulness as a retail planning method. In fact, it’s about as modern as a Corner Barber Shop for the data-driven business of today.

Grant Irving Joins eSite Analytics as Vice President of Sales

eSite Analytics, the leader in mobile data analytics for growing businesses, has hired Grant Irving as Vice President, Sales. Prior to joining eSite, Irving held similar sales positions at Buxton and Brierley. He brings an extensive background in providing data analytics solutions for a variety of industries, including retail, restaurants, private equity, oil and gas, healthcare software, consulting and

Getting Location Down to a Science

How The Shopping Center Group leverages mobile data to take site selection strategies to a new level The Shopping Center Group (TSCG) has a saying when it comes to retail site selection: If you are off by an inch, you are off by a mile. With a rapidly expanding list of retail clients needing to

Duluth Trading

Duluth Trading Partners with eSite Analytics to Identify Expansion Opportunities

Specialty Clothing Retailer Experiencing “Milestone Year” Charleston, SC (May, 2016)— Duluth Trading, the clothing retailer of inventive and functional workwear, is entering a period of expansion with assistance from analytics partner eSite Analytics. In leveraging TrailBlazer™, eSite Analytics’ 360° retail analytics tool, the Wisconsin-headquartered retailer is able to identify the sites and marketing opportunities that

Spatial Data

How Spatial Data Turns Good Retail Ideas into Growing Brands

It’s 5:15 p.m. on a Tuesday when Sally Owens is driving seven-year-old Pete home from soccer practice. He’s hungry, she needs to grab a new phone charger and dad’s at home waiting on a box of hinges to fix the kitchen cabinets. She takes a right at Conner Street and pops into a big-box retailer

Retail Shopping Bag

Customer Viewpoint: The Psychology of Retail Analytics

Talk about a retail revolution. When customers buy wine from Firstleaf, they don’t sample, sip, sniff or study wine labels and tasting notes. They simply take about 10 seconds to fill out a short questionnaire and then—voila!—a customized shipment is on its way. After the first box arrives, buyers are encouraged to sign into their


For sweetFrog, the Growth is in the Analysis

Frozen Yogurt Franchise Partners with eSite Analytics for Expansion Strategies Charleston, SC (April, 2016)—Frozen yogurt franchise sweetFrog has partnered with eSite Analytics to help provide guidance for the brand’s aggressive expansion strategies. “From a franchise growth perspective, in 2016 we will be pushing forward with aggressive plans to expand sweetFrog’s footprint,” Chief Marketing Officer Matt

Las Vegas: RECon 2016 Location

How to Have More Fun at ICSC RECon in 2016

Confession time: Each year we join more than 36,000 other retail professionals on the sojourn to ICSC’s RECon, the retail industry’s biggest and best conference. We hunker down to gain new insights, meet amazing people, catch up with clients… …and never venture outside the walls of the convention center. And that’s just sad. After all,

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