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Did You Know THIS is Coming in 2015?

Happy 2015! No doubt you’ve entered the New Year with some important goals for yourself and your team.

So have we. 2014 was an exceptional year at eSite Analytics, and we have even bigger plans for 2015. Our super savvy team is continually coming up with innovative ways to help you make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions. Here are some of the latest updates and innovations:

eSite is now eSite Analytics

This official name change better reflects our company culture and vision. We’ll continue to offer our clients the opportunity to have all location analytics needs—from GIS mapping and software to predictive modeling and one-on-one consulting—met here. At the same time, we’re growing our line of eSite Tools™ and products to give expanding companies various options to meet their specific needs and budget.

More ground-breaking location analytics products are on the way.

Many of our client’s local store managers are already reaping the benefits of eSite Analytics’ market analysis reports. This service has been so popular that we decided to expand our offerings further. Expect to gain a serious advantage over competitors with our latest innovation–coming soon! If you’ve ever wondered how big your brand can really be, you won’t be guessing for much longer.

New partnerships with industry leaders are in the works.

You may know about or use Trip2Trade, the industry’s only site selection tool equipped with real trip data collected from GPS devices. As if it weren’t already the must-have location analytics tool for 2015, we’re now working on exciting new partnerships that will make Trip2Trade more powerful than ever.  Stay tuned for details!

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eSite AnalyticsDid You Know THIS is Coming in 2015?