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Customer Satisfaction Software & Intercept Surveys Alternative

Customer satisfaction surveys and software can help you know what your customers like, dislike and would like to see improved.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could get instant access to the same kinds of information without having to wait for results or go crazy trying to get a decent sample size?

You can.

Today’s spatial data means there’s an even more reliable way to find out who’s shopping where and which offers and outreach will resonate best. And you don’t need to put a single staffer or contractor on the ground for interviews or traffic counts to get the insights.

With address appends and anonymized GPS data, retailers get faster, better access to highly accurate customer classifications—right down to the neighborhood and street level.

Why use automated data analysis instead of intercepts and surveys?

Unless your stores are already widely considered destinations themselves, customers won’t be automatically drawn to a location based on brand alone. If you don’t already have a presence in a potential trade area, detailed traffic data is the only way to understand who’s coming to the site.

A robust site selection tool takes the guesswork out of where you need to be.

Spatial data also tells you how to market locations.

Today’s customers have come to expect highly personalized communications. It no longer works to push out mass messaging and hope a local ad or billboard sticks. You need to pull people into your locations based on what they need and want.

Customer satisfaction software and intercept surveys help, but they’re not always the most reliable or affordable methods.

With the right tools and a skilled analyst, you can:

  1. Build traffic trade areas to see who’s driving where, and when
  2. Append addresses to classify customers based on location and driving habits

These two simple strategies quickly open the doors to all kinds of highly competitive customer insights, such as:

  • Who your very best customers are, plus where they live and drive
  • How much they’re willing to spend on your products and services
  • If they respond better to SMS marketing, email or mail
  • How much revenue a print ad will bring in Sunday circulars versus weekly placements

If you really want deep knowledge of your customers shopping habits, wants, needs and more…spatial data is the way to go.

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