Company History & Timeline


The fun begins with a giant leap: in less than two months, Tom Blazer and Elizabeth “Boo” Pennewill meet, elope and quit their jobs to pursue the work they’re passionate about. (Our advice? Don’t try this at home.) Insite takes shape at the back of a local real estate office.


Insite becomes eSite, Inc., and presents state-of-the-art analytical reports on the most advanced platforms available: three ring binders. Initial clients, including Le Creuset and Putt-Putt, are ecstatic about the new technology, which provides crucial demographic data in easy-to-visualize maps.


eSite hires its first official employee.


Expansion calls for a toast . . . and more space. eSite world headquarters sets up shop at a private office above a veterinarian clinic. Which is handy for Bud, the company rescue dog.


Still growing!


eSite’s second hire is Stephen Jones, a tri-degreed expert in spatial analytics. He joins the team as Tom becomes proficient in programming Maptitude® software to meet client-specific needs. Denny’s franchise department names eSite their 2003 Business Development Vendor of the Year!


Denny’s is intrigued by eSite’s newly customized software, so we provide our first software solution tailored for on-site use: a custom-built mapping system to evaluate key markets and potential locations.


Word of eSite’s tailored solutions spreads like wildfire. New clients Oreck, Piggly Wiggly and Advance America sign on with eSite. We buy a new office building.


Yes! We survived!


An explosion of new clients includes Ruby Tuesday, The Container Store, Harley-Davidson, Save Mart and LifeWay Christian Books…plus a strategic partnership with Acxiom and several more employees.


Markets are more competitive than ever. eSite keeps pace by offering strategic consulting.


CVS, Cutco, Lifestyle Lift and Winn Dixie all sign up for eSite’s unique approach to business intelligence, which now includes customized dashboarding that makes data interpretation faster than ever.


A new decade. A new way of doing business. eSite continues to expand, providing a growing number of clients with ongoing, consultant-based location intelligence that’s crucial to staying competitive.


Newer, better site selection tools begin to take shape as eSite welcomes several new clients including Buffalo Wild Wings, Charming Charlie and Games Workshop.


We launch Trip2Trade, the first-ever site selection tool powered with trip data from TomTom for real-word trade areas.

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