Retail Modeling of the Future

Our exclusive Ensemble Modeling™ approach removes biases to give you more accurate forecasts. At every location. In any trade area.

Ensemble Modeling™

On its own, each retail modeling method comes with a side of subjectivity.

It’s a tough challenge to overcome, but our Ensemble Modeling™ approach helps remove the biases. By using combinations of multiple models—instead of a single, subjective approach—you can get a more complete picture of the kinds of potential sites that will perform well for your brand.

It’s a great way to get more reliable sales forecasts and better plan location-based messaging. At eSite Analytics, developing accurate models is a collaborative and ongoing process. It’s how we respond at lightning speed to new market challenges and give you a substantial edge over the competition.

Our Ensemble Models can include any combination of the following—plus many others:

  • Analog

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  • Decision Tree

    Short description goes here…<br />

  • Gravity

    Short description goes here…<br />

  • Naïve Bayes

    Short description goes here…<br />

  • Neural Networking

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  • Spatial Regression

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