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5 Habits of Highly Effective Spatial Analysts

First, we told you why they love their jobs. Then we shared some recent success stories from the brands they support. Most recently, we showed you how eSite analysts spent their time at our latest company retreat.

If you’ve ever wondered what these specialists are really up to and how they know so much about things like spatial models and customer profiles, today’s post is for you. From selecting sites to influencing marketing decisions, eSite analysts can find a diamond in just about any rough. How? By developing some highly effective habits. For example:

1. They love technology.

eSite’s spatial analytics tools enhance what’s widely considered the most advanced GIS technology available today. That means our analysts spend many hours mapping and modeling with exclusive eSite Tools™ and supporting web-based applications: Google Maps, Google Earth, Alteryx, Tableau, Quantum and more. They know how to benefit from the most current tools available!

2. They take nothing at face value.

When others see an empty storefront and immediately see potential, eSite’s analysts are busy scrutinizing factors like geographic barriers and commuting patterns. When the conversation turns to local store marketing, they start researching Experian’s Mosaic® psychographic segments and drilling down demographics. At eSite the analysts understand how to assess what looks good, what looks bad and what you need to know to make the best location decision.

3. They’re highly inquisitive.

Questions like “How big can you be?” and  “Where can we get more customer addresses?” are part of everyday conversations here at eSite Analytics.

4. They’re inspired by every accomplishment.

Nothing inspires a spatial analyst more than a renovation or market expansion that results in month-after-month growth. Even the little successes—a new store opening here, a successful direct mail campaign there—are highly motivational to these specialists because they mean customer growth and success.

5. They stay energized with luxuries from favorite client brands.

Our analysts would have a hard time functioning without a regular supply of client goods. There are burgers from Five Guys (closest store: 3.8 miles), steaks from Firebirds (a few trade areas away, but still attainable on special trips) and sticky notes from The Container Store (those require a special trip). Plus the occasional  top of the line piece of cookware from Le Creuset and dog treats from Lowes Foods. (No, not to eat. Those are for Baxter, our four-legged office companion.)

“At some point, every growing company will end up expanding to a market it doesn’t know,” says eSite Analyst Elizabeth Shevock. “That’s when proper spatial analysis is really critical.”

Wondering how the team can help your brand grow? Get in touch any time to learn more. We’ll show you how working with eSite analysts can be like having your very own predictive analytics department—one that’s equipped with all the latest technologies and tools.

eSite Analytics5 Habits of Highly Effective Spatial Analysts