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Spatial Analysts Know A Lot About Customers, Retail & Real Estate

In our last post, we introduced you to the five habits of highly effective spatial analysts—the number-crunching geniuses who help brands like Five Guys and The Container Store select the best locations possible.

“We were originally looking for a company that provides mapping software to help us better visualize our markets, and wound up discovering a firm that will revolutionize the way we analyze our business locations.”

That endorsement from eSite client Vision Source, is one of many our team has received. So how, exactly, are eSite analysts revolutionizing site selections and market expansions, and why is it critical to take advantage of this expertise for ongoing success?

eSite Analytics Knows Retail

Can your company answer—truly, comprehensively answer—the all-important retail question: Just how big can we be? Our analysts can (and have). And not just for fast-growing retailers but quick service restaurants, grocers and shopping centers, too.

eSite Analytics Knows Real Estate

eSite’s Google Maps-based spatial analytics tools enhance what’s widely considered the most advanced GIS technology available today. While customers can easily operate eSite Tools™ on their own, many choose to have eSite do it with them.

Why? Because our team knows how to take big, ideal expansion opportunities and turn them into realistic market plans—the kind real estate teams need for board presentations, executive support and ultimately sustained growth and operations.

eSite Analytics Knows Customers

Without location-based customer data, companies wouldn’t know where to place stores or how to optimize markets.

That’s why our analysts rely on the best possible resources, such as Experian Mosaic® segments, to identify and profile customers. They can even connect a company’s customer data with comprehensive consumer data warehouses to support crucial decisions: how to properly space stores, where to focus cross-channel marketing efforts, how to identify “green fields” and more.

eSite Analytics Knows Clients

Most of all, our analysts are relentless when it comes to innovating and identifying new opportunities.

“I love it when a client poses a problem and we dive into data—but instead of just bringing a little clarity to the situation we uncover a whole new world of opportunities,” said eSite Analyst Jacki Renegar.

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eSite AnalyticsSpatial Analysts Know A Lot About Customers, Retail & Real Estate

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