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Find Your Best Retail Customers with Address Append

Experian Mosaic Consumer Segmentation

Singles and Starters is one of 19 overarching Experian Mosaic® consumer classifications designed to help brands more precisely target ideal customers

Hyperlocal search, social media, direct mail…the success of these and other retail marketing strategies all rely on a well-defined target niche. And for any brand that relies on brick-and-mortar locations for success, those niches differ significantly from market to market.

That’s why eSite Analytics clients append addresses and classify customers. These two strategies alone remove much of the mystery in identifying and targeting your best customers.

How Address Append Works

The process starts with the swipe of a card—gift, credit, debit, loyalty or other magnetic plastic—to identify the customer, locate an address and then “append” the individual to a highly detailed profile (like the Experian® Mosaic consumer classification system).

With each append, your audience becomes more clearly defined. And the more you know about how your customers outside your store, the greater your chances of success with each campaign.

The result is far more powerful than any customer persona or direct mail list: segmentations of shoppers whose patterns you can predict with certainty. It lets you see not just where customers live, but also what they buy, how they communicate, what they like and more.

You’ll know precisely when to offer serious swag to “Singles and Starters,”, or in which markets school sponsorships will most appeal to “Flourishing Families.”

It’s just one of the many ways spatial data can be leveraged to introduce marketing teams to their best customers in each and every market. Combine it with automated intercept surveys and deeper marketing analytics to get to know—really, accurately know—your best customers better.

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eSite AnalyticsFind Your Best Retail Customers with Address Append