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As Holiday Shopping Goes Online, a Way to Increase In-Store Sales

It’s that time of year again when holiday spending surveys are hitting us from every angle. Will shoppers spend the same as or more than last year? Are they confident or cautious? Will they buy more online or in stores? So far, the one consistent answer we’ve seen in reports from the National Retail Federation and NPD Group is for that last question: more and more shoppers are going digital.

Even with holiday purchases increasingly happening online, there IS still a reliable way to increase in-store sales.

Getting Your Merchandise in all the Right Places

If you’re looking for a new way to get a bigger piece of the buying activity this holiday shopping season, try using your spatial data to hand-select retail partner locations.

One eSite client, a retailer of high-end kitchenware, is doing just that—and sales are soaring.

Executives at the company, which sells merchandise at Macy’s, decided to take an analytical look at the department store network to see if its brand would sell better at particular locations.

Our team helped them analyze the various influences surrounding Macy’s sites—demographics, psychographics, traffic patterns and more—to recommend which stores to leave and which to enter. Together with department store decision-makers, our client used this analysis to reposition where its products were being sold.

Almost immediately, the kitchenware retailer watched their sales soar in the stores eSite recommended.

As we inch closer and closer to peak shopping days, your team of analysts can use this same approach to get your merchandise in front of the right people at just the right time. Take a deep-dive look at spatial data and ask: Which stores are underperforming? Which are over-performing? Which locations are most in-line with your customers?

Your retail partners will thank you, and your customers will reward you.

eSite AnalyticsAs Holiday Shopping Goes Online, a Way to Increase In-Store Sales

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