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Post and Courier: eSite helps businesses pick the best location

CEO Tom Blazer

eSite founder Tom Blazer talks with The Post and Courier about the company’s history, long-standing client relationships and ever-changing software

Recently, eSite CEO Tom Blazer sat down with The Post and Courier to discuss company history and long-standing relationships with some of America’s most recognized brands.

That interview took a front seat in today’s business section. Here are a few highlights from the article:

The firm creates programs that incorporate scads of national, regional and local demographic and consumer research sources with mapping technology that covers real estate markets across the country. Based on that data, eSite’s software generates a detailed map that shows the most ideal locations for retailers to open a new location.

“Together we identify areas of our core customers, evaluate potential new store opportunities, and prioritizing target markets…to secure the growth of our beloved brand,” said Valerie Richardson, vice president of real estate for The Container Store.

“It’s hundreds of millions of pieces of information being queried to get to the answer we want about that particular location in the United States,” Blazer said.

Read the full feature in The Post and Courier here.

eSite AnalyticsPost and Courier: eSite helps businesses pick the best location