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Want to Boost Productivity by 90?

That’s what custom mapping tools did for one of America’s largest electronics retailers.

Before partnering with eSite, the company was devoting hundreds of employee hours to map creation every month. The lack of an automated system meant every single map had to be individually created. Even the company’s fastest users could generate no more than four or five maps in an hour. That all changed when eSite built a system with custom map styling, trade area definition logic and reporting. Now, the company can easily generate as many as 75 maps per hour and run batches of 500 or more overnight. They just click “Go” in the custom eSite Tool™, let it run in the background and move on to other tasks—an advantage that’s reduced the amount of time devoted to map creation by 90%.

eSite AnalyticsWant to Boost Productivity by 90?