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Year in Review: 4 Big Industry Game-Changers

It’s been a big year at eSite, with exciting, never-before-available predictive analytics resources and tools.

Here are the top trends we’ve observed over the past year and what’s happening here at eSite:

1. Availability of Real GPS Trip Data

At RECon Las Vegas this year we heard many retail real estate executives refer to the GPS data now available through Trip2Trade as the long-lost “missing link” in site selection! Trip2Trade was by far the biggest advancement of the year (and perhaps the decade), giving companies the powerful advantage of seeing where potential shoppers travel throughout the day.

2. Better Marketing Insights

Predictive analytics and site selection tools are no longer for real estate teams alone. Marketers now have access to powerful location-based data that can be used to measure, guide and plan better, more effective campaigns.

3. Elimination of Silos

Different divisions within companies, from real estate developers to analysts to advertising, are now able to use location-based analytics for collaboration in ways that weren’t possible just a year ago. Marketing teams are coordinating with real estate departments, executives are consulting with analysts and field users…and everyone is extracting valuable insights to better inform site selection, advertising budgets, marketing metrics and much more.

4. Automation of Costly Processes

With today’s spatial analytics tools, many once-intensive (and expensive) processes are being replaced with more reliable and cost-effective data-based solutions. Customer intercept surveys are being traded for automated data analysis, radii modeling is being replaced by more accurate trade area creation and gut-based real estate decisions are taking a back seat to verifiable GPS data showing real driving behavior of potential customers.

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eSite AnalyticsYear in Review: 4 Big Industry Game-Changers