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Trip2Trade Client Spotlight: Q&A with The Shopping Center Group

We recently spoke with Gregg Katz, director of innovation and technology at The Shopping Center Group, about how Trip2Trade is providing the solution for “a missing link” in site selection for his team. Here’s what he had to say:

How is your company using Trip2Trade?

“We’re integrating Trip2Trade with our GIS Platform and service offerings to our clients. TSCG expects this platform to become a vital part of our offerings as it matures.”

What’s surprised you most about Trip2Trade?

“It’s not so much what’s surprised me about Trip2Trade, but rather the company [eSite]. I’ve found the partnership we have with the entire team to be awesome. They listen to our feedback, implement changes that benefit Trip2Trade and really look to be partners instead of vendors.

I look for a technology relationship with a company, not a platform, as technology changes so fast.”

Do you feel Trip2Trade has changed the way you did things before?

“I envision Trip2Trade will provide us with a missing piece of the puzzle. We’ve always known everything about where people live. BUT we have never known how they move, where they move and more importantly, where people live versus where they work. This tool will help us eliminate the anecdotal information we have always used and provide us with actual consumer movements and driving patterns.”

How important is the ability to see by day part and define trade areas by trips instead of radius rings and drive times?

“This is extremely important. This ability allows us to really understand a trade area and its inner workings…to look beyond travel patterns and into detailed consumer patterns and movements.”

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eSite AnalyticsTrip2Trade Client Spotlight: Q&A with The Shopping Center Group

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