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Captain D’s Announces Most Successful Year Yet

Captain D’s Announces Most Successful Year Yet

In a move that caused a lot of buzz in the fast casual and quick service segments, eSite Analytics client Captain D’s announced that 2015 was the seafood franchise’s most successful year in company history. Here are the highlights:

  • The franchise established an all-time system-wide average unit volume record, marking the brand’s third consecutive year of AUV record growth
  • A 4.3% systemwide same-store sales increase marked the company’s 17th consecutive quarter and 5th consecutive year of positive growth
  • 7 new franchise development agreements were entered at the close of 2015

“2015 was another record-setting year for Captain D’s, and we’re continuing to build upon this momentum as we kick off a new year,” said Chief Executive Officer and President Phil Greifeld. “As 2016 gets underway, I look forward to expanding Captain D’s presence as we continue to make an undeniable impact in the marketplace.”

Captain D’s by the Numbers

The following statistics are taken directly from Captain D’s franchising website:

  • #1 seafood franchise in America, ranked by average unit volume
  • New stores currently average $1.4 million in annual sales
  • 2015 marked the brand’s 5th consecutive year of same-store sales growth
  • Captain D’s is currently the nation’s seafood fast-casual leader with 513 restaurants in 26 states

Captain D’s in the News

For a snapshot of the media buzz around these impressive numbers, check out some of the latest industry coverage:

Fast Casual:
Captain D’s 2015 same-store sales on the rise
Captain D’s Achieves Record-Breaking Success in 2015

QSR Magazine:
Captain D’s Hits Record AUV Third Year in a Row

Would you like to know how your franchise can achieve similar results? Schedule a demo of TrailBlazer, the eSite Analytics platform, to learn how restaurants and retailers can make better marketing and site selection decisions.

eSite AnalyticsCaptain D’s Announces Most Successful Year Yet
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Congratulations to Citi Trends!

Congratulations to Citi Trends!

eSite Analytics client CitiTrends made headlines this month when shares “surged a whopping 25.2%…after the company reported better-than-expected second-quarter fiscal 2015 sales and earnings.”

The fashion retailer’s sales advanced 6.1% year over year to $153.9 million, and we couldn’t be more excited for our partner in spatial analytics.

Investment research firm Zacks attributed much of the tremendous growth to an increase in the number of customer transactions, while other reports noted the brand’s successful expansion into profitable geographical markets.

Zacks also had this to say about the announcement:

“Further, the company indicated that the third quarter has started on a strong note with comps up 6% for the first two weeks of August, driven by a shift in the tax free holiday to August this year from July end last year. Moreover, a better transition from spring to fall season merchandise this year drove the improvement in comps.”

What’s next for Citi Trends?

CitiTrendsLogoThere’s talk of opening 13 new stores, relocating or expanding 13 existing ones and renovating as many as 25 others in the coming fiscal year.

Wondering how eSite Analytics can help you achieve similar results? Let’s talk! Get in touch any time to chat with a member of our team or schedule a demo of eSite Tools and innovations.

eSite AnalyticsCongratulations to Citi Trends!
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eSite Analytics Client Shake Shack Featured on Market Place

eSite Analytics Client Shake Shack Featured on Market Place

December 2015 update: The Motley Fool now says “Location Is Shake Shack’s Secret Sauce

Shake Shack is big news these days, and at eSite Analytics we couldn’t be more excited for our client. Most recently, Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal interviewed the fine casual burger chain’s CEO, Randy Garutti, to discuss how the company evolved from a hot dog cart into a publicly traded international company with plans to expand to more than 400 locations.

We’re honored to be a Shake Shack partner and excited about the opportunity to play a role in this incredible story as the brand finds out just how big it can be .

If you’re in the mood for some inspiration, listen to the entire interview on the Marketplace website. It’s worth 17 minutes of your time!

eSite AnalyticseSite Analytics Client Shake Shack Featured on Market Place
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Why Every Retailer Needs a Contingency Plan for Seasonal Spending

Why Every Retailer Needs a Contingency Plan for Seasonal Spending

It’s that time of year again, when savvy retailers begin planning for the seasonal spending.

Just not in the way you might expect.

If you still associate “seasonal spending” with beaches, Black Fridays and twinkling lights, it’s time to expand how you think about seasons. Shopping behaviors aren’t just influenced by summer vacation and holidays. Some unexpected “seasons” bring about dramatic influences on what, how and where people buy:

  • Economic development that draws shoppers away from one location and toward another
  • Economic downturns that move families from one consumer classification to another
  • Weather events or disasters that completely change shopping patterns

These conditions hit inconsistently, without warning, and take a serious toll on sales if you’re not prepared.

So how can you prepare if you can’t be sure of what is coming?

Use spatial analytics to prepare a contingency plan

With spatial analysis, you can identify location-specific trends and patterns to forecast how shopping habits change during unanticipated retail disruptions.

For example, consider a chain of hardware stores in the San Francisco Bay area. Spring and summer are typically times when garden tools and lawn care products fly off the shelves.

Until the state of California was hit by a serious drought.

Residents began neglecting lawns to compete in an ugliest yard contest to help conserve water.

Celebrities were publicly shamed for maintaining their landscaping.

Bucket sales soared as residents sought out ways to catch every last drop.

Suddenly, “seasonal spending” shifted. Shelves normally restocked with garden hoses and sprinklers wouldn’t need much replenishing. Homeowners were more likely to invest in the hardware and tools needed to fix leaky pipes and dripping sinks.

That’s where spatial analysis makes all the difference.

In this situation—one currently being faced by an eSite Analytics client—evaluating each store’s point-of-sale data reveals the information you need to anticipate shifts and adjust successfully. Operational managers can use spatial insights to create contingency plans for each store’s merchandise mix and marketing in dry times.

What unusual seasonal spending should stores anticipate?

Crop damage that could drive up food prices? Low snowfall that could eliminate the need for road salt? Road construction that will change how people drive past your locations on their ways to popular tourist destinations?

Whatever the circumstance, the time to plan is now. Spatial analytics makes it easy to create the forecasts and contingency plans you need to ensure success whatever the season brings.

eSite AnalyticsWhy Every Retailer Needs a Contingency Plan for Seasonal Spending
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Spatial Analysts Know A Lot About Customers, Retail & Real Estate

Spatial Analysts Know A Lot About Customers, Retail & Real Estate

In our last post, we introduced you to the five habits of highly effective spatial analysts—the number-crunching geniuses who help brands like Five Guys and The Container Store select the best locations possible.

“We were originally looking for a company that provides mapping software to help us better visualize our markets, and wound up discovering a firm that will revolutionize the way we analyze our business locations.”

That endorsement from eSite client Vision Source, is one of many our team has received. So how, exactly, are eSite analysts revolutionizing site selections and market expansions, and why is it critical to take advantage of this expertise for ongoing success?

eSite Analytics Knows Retail

Can your company answer—truly, comprehensively answer—the all-important retail question: Just how big can we be? Our analysts can (and have). And not just for fast-growing retailers but quick service restaurants, grocers and shopping centers, too.

eSite Analytics Knows Real Estate

eSite’s Google Maps-based spatial analytics tools enhance what’s widely considered the most advanced GIS technology available today. While customers can easily operate eSite Tools™ on their own, many choose to have eSite do it with them.

Why? Because our team knows how to take big, ideal expansion opportunities and turn them into realistic market plans—the kind real estate teams need for board presentations, executive support and ultimately sustained growth and operations.

eSite Analytics Knows Customers

Without location-based customer data, companies wouldn’t know where to place stores or how to optimize markets.

That’s why our analysts rely on the best possible resources, such as Experian Mosaic® segments, to identify and profile customers. They can even connect a company’s customer data with comprehensive consumer data warehouses to support crucial decisions: how to properly space stores, where to focus cross-channel marketing efforts, how to identify “green fields” and more.

eSite Analytics Knows Clients

Most of all, our analysts are relentless when it comes to innovating and identifying new opportunities.

“I love it when a client poses a problem and we dive into data—but instead of just bringing a little clarity to the situation we uncover a whole new world of opportunities,” said eSite Analyst Jacki Renegar.

Ready to learn more?

Stay tuned in to eSite Analytics innovations by signing up for the Know Really Newsletter. You’ll receive quarterly updates on the latest industry trends, eSite Tools™ updates, client news and more. Sign up here.

eSite AnalyticsSpatial Analysts Know A Lot About Customers, Retail & Real Estate
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