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Three reasons to visit eSite at RECon booth #901 (and test drive Trip2Trade)

In preparation for the Global Retail Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas, conference organizers put together “9 Reasons to Attend RECon.”

You can see the ICSC list here.

Here are 3 more reasons to put RECon on your list this year:

Visit eSite at Booth #901

Where we’ll be unveiling Trip2Trade, an eSite Tool powered with trip data from navigation leader TomTom. Trip2Trade is the only tool that lets users analyze customer behavior based on data collected from consumer GPS devices.

You don’t want to miss the chance to see Trip2Trade in person. Here’s why:

1. More accurate trade areas and transfer estimates than ever before

ICSC says: “Whether you’re a shopping center owner looking to lease space…or a retailer looking to expand into new markets, the Leasing Mall is the place where the deals get done.”

eSite Addendum: Ask our analysts to demonstrate how you can quickly and easily identify ONLY the sites that will assure sales and revenue.

We think you’ll be truly surprised to see how significantly TomTom data represents trade areas, informs cannibalization estimates and more.

2. Greater success with lenders

ICSC says: “…meet with financial companies, banks and lenders to discuss incentives and financing opportunities that will make development dreams come true.”

eSite Addendum: Stop by eSite booth #901 to find out where your concept is most likely to succeed. You can get some initial analysis using Trip2Trade, then head over to the Finance Pavilion armed with solid data to negotiate dream deals with lenders.

3. More dependable plans for developing communities

ICSC says: Learn about all the incentives, inducements and development opportunities in communities near and far [at Cities of the World Pavilion].

eSite Addendum: Is your company enticed by incentives and new developments? Get an accurate analysis of the best markets and trade areas for your goals before you make any decisions. eSite can show you how at booth #901.

If you’re a city, municipality or nonprofit looking to attract retail real estate development, we have some powerful data insights for you! Newly available TomTom data makes it easier than ever to develop thriving communities. With Trip2Trade, developers and planners can more easily determine what brands, industries and growth strategies are going to work in your market.

Stop by booth #901 to see these and other powerful Trip2Trade uses in person.

Reserve your spot in advance for a personalized, one-on-one demo.

eSite AnalyticsThree reasons to visit eSite at RECon booth #901 (and test drive Trip2Trade)

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