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See You at RECon!

It’s amazing what can happen in a year.

During the Global Retail Real Estate Convention in 2014, the eSite Analytics team was introducing retailers to all-new Trip2Trade innovations.

Nearly 12 months later, we’ve not only identified dozens of advanced applications for Trip2Trade but are finalizing a whole series of new solutions as well. And we’d love to tell you about them in person.

If you’re going to be at RECon 2015, here are the top three questions to ask the experts at booth N1822:

1. How can we collect more customer data?

What would happen if your company couldn’t identify customer names and addresses? There would be no direct mail lists. No marketing personas or profiles. No past purchase records. It’s not just scary to imagine—it’s something that could actually happen in the aftermath of recent changes to federal regulations.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to collect customer address data. It’s called Address Append, and it’s very effective. Stop by the eSite Analytics booth to hear about how it works!

2. How big can you be?

Have you ever wondered what your brand’s maximum potential is? Or how many markets could truly support your concept? eSite Analysts have developed an algorithm to help retailers and restaurants quickly and accurately determine both.

This new service provides a reliable framework for expanding into new markets and has been used by several eSite clients including The Container Store and Shake Shack. Stop by to learn how it could benefit you, too.

3. How can we improve integrations with marketing?

Picture this: Your marketing team has quick and easy access to pre-built profiles of your best customers. They can plan entire campaigns around not just where consumers live, but also where they shop, dine, drive and stop throughout the day.

You’d have some extremely effective marketing. And we know how to accomplish it.

Start getting answers to this question today. Just click below for a free download of our new e-book:

[symple_callout button_text=”GET THE E-BOOK” button_color=”orange” button_url=”” button_rel=”nofollow”]The Marketer’s Guide to Location Analytics[/symple_callout]

And be sure to bring your questions to booth N1822. We can’t wait to see you there!

eSite AnalyticsSee You at RECon!

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