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Yes, Really: Trip2Trade gives you real GPS Driving Data

Trip2Trade is the result of eSite’s dedication to one mission:

Make location analytics more reliable than ever, and make it easily accessible to businesses of all sizes. In creating Trip2Trade, our goal was to provide a tool that allows you to build, share, compare and collaborate – without having to learn an all-new system or sacrifice functionality of your favorite GPS mapping software.

We did it so well, in fact, that the one question we heard more than any other during last week’s demos at the eSite RECon booth was:


“I can get actual trip data? Really?”

Yes, really.

“Collected from GPS devices?”

The very ones in automobiles and handheld devices.

“You mean I can see actual driving behaviors within my markets?”

That’s right. For the first time you can easily see where consumers are coming from when they arrive at a location, and where they drive after leaving.

We have also made it even easier to access this data with web-based Trip2Trade subscriptions that give you real trip data for more accurate trade areas, cannibalization estimates and so much more.

Easy Location Analytics For All

Most spatial analytics solutions on the market today are not only limited to household-level data, but can also get very pricey, very fast.

It means enterprise level companies are still at the mercy of drive times and radius rings that don’t provide insights on where potential customers drive, what times of day they’re behind the wheel, or what roadblocks they might face on the way to your locations.

Small businesses often get left in the dust altogether, forced to make important decisions based primarily on maps and drive-bys instead of accurate, automated data analysis. Individuals have been left on their own.

Trip2Trade solves these issues and many others.

GPS data opens up a whole new world of location-based insights

Trip2Trade puts real trips at your fingertips to build more accurate trade areas and market insights. With access to data collected by global navigation leader TomTom, you can define trade areas by origin and destination data for every trip, at any time of the day or week.

And that’s just to start. Trip2Trade can be used to get more accurate cannibalization calculations, replace customer intercept surveys and much more.

Get instant insights. Anywhere. Any time.

We’ve designed Trip2Trade to make it easier than ever to compare, organize, share and collaborate. It all integrates seamlessly with the format you’re most comfortable with, whether you prefer Google Earth, Maptitude, TransCAD, ArcGIS, MapInfo, Quantum GIS or another mapping system.

One Tool. Three Plans.

We’ve learned over the years that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve scaled Trip2Trade to fit all sizes, from individuals to small regional businesses to fast-growing, enterprise-level companies. Whether your budget is $500 or $2,000 a month, there are valuable uses for Trip2Trade and a plan that gives you just what you need.

How You Can Get Trip2Trade

Sign up in seconds at Or, if you’d like to test it out first, follow that same link to request a free trial. Currently, we’re offering new users a three-day trial to experience the tool first-hand.

Already a Trip2Trade user?

If you’re a Trip2Trade user we’d love to hear what you think about the tool: How are you using it? What new insights have wowed your team? What suggestions do you have for making Trip2Trade even more powerful? Send us a note any time!

More updates on the way

And finally, if you’re considering subscribing at a later date be sure to sign up for our Trip2Trade monthly newsletter. Starting this summer, we’ll be sharing the latest software updates as well as short, helpful reads on:

  • New uses for Trip2Trade
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eSite AnalyticsYes, Really: Trip2Trade gives you real GPS Driving Data

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