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Quick Fix Series: Easy Ways to Correct Common, Costly Mistakes

If you’ve ever worked with a sales or marketing team, chances are you’ve found yourself in this situation:

You committed your company to a big project. You watched as your dedicated staff poured hours into researching your target audience. You were feeling really confident about forecasts when the whole thing finally launched.

Then you took a sigh of relief, sat back and watched as…nothing happened. No calls. No emails. Just silence.

What happened?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from years in spatial analytics, it’s that corporations run into a lot of unanticipated, and undesirable, outcomes—things like dismal response rates, direct mail waste and disgruntled customers—that easily could be avoided with more strategic planning at the beginning.

It’s not that your employees aren’t working hard. Often, smart folks are simply missing the right tools.

For example, consider the following scenario:

You devoted a large portion of your budget to a direct mailer that totally flopped.

It happens, even with the most experienced marketers. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association found that letter-sized mailers are still averaging a shockingly low 1% response rate in 2010.

With smart location intelligence, that number can go much, much higher.

When you have the detailed scoop on your customers—whether they prefer private vendors or warehouses, for instance, or own a dog instead of three cats—you can provide them with valuable offers you know they really want. Suddenly, your mailer becomes a precious gem.

Recently, one of our multi-retail clients was preparing to open a new store in a small town. Using detailed segmentation analysis, eSite identified a mailing list of hot prospects, one that no focus group or basic household data could have produced.

Within a week, hundreds of new customers walked through the new store’s doors, followed by thousands more all in the first quarter.

Want to see more examples of spatial analysis in action?

There are plenty on our case studies page.

eSite AnalyticsQuick Fix Series: Easy Ways to Correct Common, Costly Mistakes

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