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eSite and Announce Partnership to Integrate Geosocial Data to Optimize Location Decisions for Retailers

Mt Pleasant, SC; Dallas, TX; Irvine, CA – January 9, 2020 —eSite, a leading provider in marketing and site analytics, today announced its partnership with Geosocial data provider eSite will utilize’s location-based social media data to help retailers and restaurants better understand who their customers are, what they are interested in, and where they can be found. The integration marks another important step for eSite, a company that is already well-known for being at the forefront of data innovation for commercial real estate decisioning. 

In recent years, the retail real estate industry has been defined by rapid change. Consumers, more connected than ever, demand personalized experiences and products from their shopping journeys. 

By obtaining access to real-time human behaviors, eSite customers will be able to see beyond demographics and into the organic interests and personalities of each community. captures publicly available Geosocial data and categorizes conversations into 72 consistent themes and patterns of behavior. users see an index of how many people in any block are talking about their pets, coffee, luxury items, nightlife or subjects related to family and motherhood, for example. Each of the 72 segments are featured in eSite’s platform. Sample categories include: Bookish, Dog Lovers, Girl Squad, Hops & Brews, Trendy Eats, and Yoga Advocates.

Retailers using eSite will be able to use Geosocial to:

  • Reveal the areas that fit a brand’s social profile
  • Design hyperlocal product mix
  • Select better sites and optimize current portfolio

“Being in this industry for over 22 years, we intuitively know using analytics where consumer’s interests and attitudes align with the brand is crucial,” said Tom Blazer, CEO of eSite. “Geosocial helps uncover these characteristics so eSite customers get an advantage in understanding what drives success.”’s CEO, Lyden Foust, added, “eSite has led the way with bringing new datasets to market. We are excited to work with eSite to initiate a paradigm shift in real estate analysis by activating the billions of location-based conversations worldwide for their retailers.”

About eSite: eSite Analytics is a full‐service marketing and site analytics firm for companies that need to make profitable location decisions. Since 1997, we’ve been helping Fortune 1000s and national retailers get to market quicker at decreased costs, with highly relevant forecasts and a dependable plan for success. eSite’s Goal – To become your trusted advisor by minimizing the risk of making a poor location decision and by optimizing your location-based marketing strategies.

About’s Geosocial data is the world’s first human-driven location dataset – built by organizing billions of location-based social media into 72 segments. Companies like Ford, Phillips Edison, and Keller Williams use Geosocial data to predict demand, select locations and uncover the invisible community characteristics that have a bottom-line impact on their business. is backed by Serra Ventures, M25, Futureshape, and Techstars. They have won multiple awards in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Google, Fortune Magazine, and Disruptor Daily. For more information, visit the company website at

eSite AnalyticseSite and Announce Partnership to Integrate Geosocial Data to Optimize Location Decisions for Retailers

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