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eSite’s spatial analysts have answers for your site selection needs!

The sheer volume of data available today is one of the greatest advancements ever experienced in modern marketing and site selection. Of course, all that data is only as good as the insights you can draw from it.

Enter the analyst.

These data experts understand how to turn big data into meaningful recommendations and manageable guidelines. A great analyst can quickly transform layers and polygons into profitable insights—ones that are up-to-date with the latest trends in spatial analytics.

Though they work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, eSite clients love our analysts, and our analysts love the work they do! We asked them to share with us: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Here’s what they (and the clients they collaborate with) had to say:

Jacki Renegar, Project Manager

eSite analyst Jacki Renegar

  • Average number of client site-location questions she answers daily: 30
  • Total dollar value involved in each question: $1 million+
  • Amount of poor location decisions her clients are spared: Priceless

Why she loves her job as an analyst:

‘Aha moments.’ Those times a client poses a problem and we dive into data—but instead of just bringing a little clarity to the situation we uncover a whole new world of opportunities.

As an analyst, I’ve learned it’s rare to slice and dice and aggregate spatial data simply to answer one question. Usually, analyzing data to help solve one issue opens the doors to many more questions. So there’s never really a be-all, end-all final solution. We get to experience series of “aha” moments—directional pieces of information that help clients move forward with the best fact-based knowledge possible.

Jacki’s all-time favorite client quote:

“We’ve found the team at eSite to be incredibly responsive to our requests for assistance in using the tool and open to suggestions on enhancements – they’ve often already started working on an upgrade before we even think to suggest it.”
—Emily Berger, Consolidated Wings Investment, LLC dba Buffalo Wild Wings

Jessica Silveri, Analyst

eSite Analyst Jessica Silveri

  • Average number of data points she sees on any give day: 1,000
  • Daily cups of coffee: 5

Her favorite part of the job:

As analysts, we’re naturally drawn to problem solving. The kinds of issues that tend to induce panic in others energize us. Any time a client presents a new challenge, I see it as an opportunity to be creative in finding the solution. Nothing’s more satisfying! We never know what challenges will come up for a client and it makes our jobs exciting.

Jessica’s all-time favorite client quote:

“Having a spatial analytics partner is a valuable tool in building stronger relationships with our wholesale partners.”
—Faye Gooding, CEO of Le Creuset North America

Vikki Maggi, Vice President, Software Development & Analytics

eSite Analyst Vikki Maggi

  • eSiter since: 2007
  • Experience in real estate analytics: 11+ years
  • Number of retail execs who have her on speed dial: 21

What she loves most about the work:
Figuring out how to automate new methodologies is golden. While spatial analytics is constantly changing, many of the questions we receive are strikingly similar. Franchisors, retailers, branches and facilities face many of the same issues; they’re just in slightly different settings. So any time we can streamline a process and eliminate manual work, it gives us more time to problem solve. Which is what analysts thrive on. (That, and hearing yet another client say they “love” working with eSite.)

Elizabeth Shevock, Analyst

eSite Analyst Elizabeth Shevock

  • Number of sticky notes she goes through in a month: 100
  • Average hours her two whiteboards are actually white: 0

Why she loves her job as an analyst:
I love digging into trade areas and analyzing the “why” behind the decisions people make as they shop and go about their day, then using it to bring clarity to confusing problems. As we find new ways to get to the root of a problem, I also really enjoy teaching and explaining. It’s great when you can empower a client to turn “big data” into bite-sized pieces.

Elizabeth’s all-time favorite client quote:

“Together we are helping small business owners have the best chance of succeeding. The right location is 80% of the battle.”
—Gregg Groenemann, Vision Source

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eSite AnalyticseSite’s spatial analysts have answers for your site selection needs!

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