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Quick Fix Series: Overcoming the Challenge of No-Shows

In our last “quick fix” installment we discussed why yesterday’s popular item is experiencing low sales today, and how to effectively encourage repeat purchases.

Here’s another common situation:

RSVPs for a big event were fast and fabulous, but less than 5% of respondents actually showed up.

It can seem like an impossible problem to avoid, but when you’re armed with accurate predictions of your target audience’s behavior, that 95% no-show rate can easily be turned on its head.

One eSite client had been experiencing a disturbing number of new customers who booked appointments but failed to appear. That changed as soon as the company adopted a system built to forecast, with up to 90% certainty, the likelihood of customer follow through. The spatial analytics tools gave the corporation a way to easily connect the right clients with the service provider’s most skilled salespeople, turning inquiries into loyal customers.

Since implementation, under-booked days have been virtually eliminated and no-shows have decreased drastically.

Want to see more ways companies are benefiting from spatial analytics?

Check out eSite’s case studies.

eSite AnalyticsQuick Fix Series: Overcoming the Challenge of No-Shows

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