Your customer data + eSite’s analytics
= amazing customer insights

eSite Analytics combines broad sources of data with a unique understanding of demographics, psychographics and market conditions to give you a complete understanding of your entire network.

Analyze Your Stores and Online Presence

By appending our data to your current locations, you can analyze all variables—from competitors to cotenants to customers—in easy-to-visualize maps.

Analyze Your Customers

Connect home addresses to customer profiles to reveal who’s most likely to shop with you and give your marketing team up-to-date lists.

Our members’ practices no longer waste funds on the wrong areas and marketing channels.

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With expert analysis using TrailBlazer™, you can expand with confidence. Our clients successfully open and market thousands of new locations each year…all while simultaneously reducing risks and costs.

Whether you’re starting with 25 or 2,500 locations, we’ll show you how to use spatial analytics to improve the entire shopping experience—from online to on-the-ground and every channel in between.

eSite Tools

Put our science behind your intuition.


Identify your BEST customers: who they are, where they live and how they shop—both online and on-the-ground.


Leverage in-depth knowledge of your online and existing stores and customers to decide where to go next.


Use ongoing spatial insights to select better sites, attract more shoppers and market more effectively.

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