Wow your board. Shine in conference rooms.
Data driven insights make it easy to decide where to put successful stores and how to attract loyal customers.

Once you get into a spatial analytics groove, ongoing insights can be used to answer critical questions more easily and accurately than ever:

How big can our retail brand be?

Where should we go next?

How can we reach our best customers?

Who’s driving where, and when?

Ready to get started?

eSite Analytics offers a wide variety of solutions that can be purchased individually or included as part of a total package.

Put our science behind your intuition.


Identify your BEST customers: who they are, where they live and how they shop—both online and on-the-ground.


Leverage in-depth knowledge of your online and existing stores and customers to decide where to go next.


Use ongoing spatial insights to select better sites, attract more shoppers and market more effectively.

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