Get a serious edge over the competition.
We’ll show you what’s behind your current stores’ performance. Then help you identify new opportunities.

With eSite Tools and expert analysis, clients more accurately forecast sales, understand what’s behind underperforming stores and get household-level views of the most engaged customers.

Our unique “ensemble” approach to retail modeling removes biases to provide a more scientific view of potential locations.

Accurate on-the-ground models then help you more precisely classify consumers and equip your team with up-to-date address information.

Align your entire team, from executives to analysts to marketing, with a shared view of who your customer is and where the best expansion opportunities are.

With eSite Analytics, you get access to the latest location-based technologies
and a dedicated team of specialists to help you get the most out them.

I’ve found the partnership we have with the entire [eSite] team to be awesome. I look for a technology relationship with a company, as technology changes so fast.

Gregg Katz The Shopping Center Group

Put our science behind your intuition.


Identify your BEST customers: who they are, where they live and how they shop—both online and on-the-ground.


Leverage in-depth knowledge of your online and existing stores and customers to decide where to go next.


Use ongoing spatial insights to select better sites, attract more shoppers and market more effectively.

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